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Beard Comb - Cosmogent
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Brand: COSMOGENT Model: 1372
Beard Comb Pear Wood Comb This comb you are holding is made out of pearwood. Its durability and design make this comb one of a kind. Its porosity allows the wood to absorb any styling products and distribute them evenly throughout your beard and hair. The soft texture of the pearwood helps limit f..
Beard Oil - Cosmogent - Mr.Cosmo 30ml
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Brand: COSMOGENT Model: 1369
Mr.Cosmo Thin and non-greasy beard oil that thanks to the presence of jojoba oil, almond oil and carrot oil, will keep your beard and skin hydrated and radiant. The notes of mango and mint are the perfect refreshing scent to wear at any time. How to use: Apply 5-6 drops on your palms. Gently m..
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