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Super Badger (2 Products)


This is finer, longer and softer than ‘best’ badger and, because it is finer, more hair is required to fill a brush. This high quality grade of badger hair is only used in hand filled brushes. Visually, the badger knot displays a distinctive darker band around the middle and is capped with very light tips presented in a natural fan shape, using the natural hair end to create the shape. The shape of Edwin Jagger Super Badger brushes is created by the hand production process. Unlike some manufacturers we do not trim the hair to create the overall badger hair shape and, because the naturally tapering tips of the hair have not been trimmed, our super badger brushes are very soft
Πινέλο Ξυρίσματος Ασβού - Simpsons - Super Badger, Chubby 1 (Ch1)
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Πινέλο Ξυρίσματος Ασβού - Simpsons - Super Badger, Chubby 2 (Ch2)
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