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Brand: OAK Model: 1501
Post Shave Balm Calms the skin. Provides moisture and cools. With organic aloe vera and organic oak bark extract. The POST SHAVE BALM calms the skin after the shave. All active substances and plant extracts have been specially selected for the protection and the care of the facial skin. Organic a..
Brand: OAK Model: 1500
After Shave Tonic  Cools and relaxes the skin after the shave. Organic witch hazel has a tonifying effect. The AFTER SHAVE TONIC cools the freshly shaved skin and protects from irritations. Organic witch hazel water and hop extract calm the skin and refine the complexion. A special, natural active..
Brand: OAK Model: 1494
Beard Balm Smoothens. Provides light hold. Strengthens and protects the beard hair. The beard balm combines the nourishing properties of the beard oil with the shaping effect of the beard hold. It lends visible structure especially to longer or very frizzy beards, nurtures the hair root and lends..
Brand: OAK Model: 1495
Soft Beard Brush (92 mm x 51 mm) With soft and strong bristles. For sensitive skin and short beards. The Soft Bears Brush untangles the beard and removes dandruff as well as loose hair while remaining gentle to the skin. Two different strengths of the pure boar bristles are inserted into the blac..
Brand: OAK Model: 1490
Beard Brush (92 mm x 51 mm) Beard brush with strong bristles. Shapes the beard. Massages the skin. The beard brush keeps the beard in shape, softens it and removes loose hair and dandruff. Due to its size, the handle made from oiled oak wood, sits comfortably in the hand so that the brush can be..
Brand: OAK Model: 1493
Beard Hold Lends hold to the beard. With natural waxes for a compact form. The beard hold gives hold and profile to the beard. The purely natural waxes and oils ensure medium hold weighing down the beard by encasing stubborn and protruding beard hairs. The beard settles neatly on the face attaini..
Brand: OAK Model: 1491
Beard Oil Softens the beard. With organic oils from almonds, broccoli seeds, sea buckthorn. The Beard Oil gives beards a smooth feel. The beard hair is enclosed and sharp-edged ends are sealed after the trimming. The beard is easier to comb and sits more comfortably on the face. It’s quickly absor..
Brand: OAK Model: 1497
Beard Scent Barber Of Athens Aromatic woody scent with organic jojoba oil. For a well-kept and pleasant smelling beard. Hot wind blows in the scent of evergreen bitter orange trees across the rustic wooden furniture, while a steaming hand towel envelops the face: Welcome to the Barber of Athens! Ba..
Brand: OAK Model: 1498
Beard Scent Barber Of Cairo Oriental woody scent with organic jojoba oil. For a well-kept and pleasant smelling beard. The scent of overly sweet peppermint tea blends in with the fruity vapour from the water pipe, while the leather barber chair offers a great way to lean back and relax: Welcome to..
Brand: OAK Model: 1496
Beard Scent Barber Of Rome Aromatic citric scent with organic jojoba oil. For a well-kept and pleasant smelling beard. Enjoying a refreshing lemon liquor to beat the heat, while the aromatic smell of tobacco mixes with the dry aftershave of the gently aged barber: Welcome to the Barber of Rome! Bar..
Brand: OAK Model: 1489
Beard Wash Cleanses gentle and refreshing. Made for beard and face. With organic malt extract. The Beard Wash is suitable for all types of beards. With a special combination of natural agents and extracts Beard Wash ensures a thorough cleansing of the beard while remaining gentle to the skin at the..
Brand: OAK Model: 1492
Beard Box ( Beard Hold 50 ml, Beard Wash 30 ml, Beard Brush 92 mm x 51 mm, Beard Oil 30 ml) The beard care set for the full beard. To wash, soften, style and keep the beard in shape. The Beard Box contains four most essential products for excellent beard care. Wash, brush, oil, shape – and every f..
Brand: OAK Model: 1499
Shave Cream Creates plenty of foam and forms a smooth lubricant film. Organic oak bark extract strengthens. The shave cream prepares the skin for a perfect shave. As a pure soap cream it creates a rich lather forming an ideal lubricant film for the razor blade. A special sugar beet extract helps t..
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