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Safety Razor - Tatara - Masamune Closed Comb Dark (MDC)

Safety Razor - Tatara - Masamune Closed Comb Dark (MDC)
Safety Razor - Tatara - Masamune Closed Comb Dark (MDC)
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Masamune Razor Closed Comb Dark

All TATARA products are 100% produced in Portugal, is CNC machined in AISI 303 high grade stainless steel, hand finished and sandblasted, in order to give the beautiful final effect to a high-quality product.

Blade Gap: 0.63 mm

D: 93,7mm x 11mm

The Masamune Razor was the first TATARA shaving product that produced. It is fashioned with the look of a classic safety razor but with unique lines of the future and, due to a minimalist design, can transmit our view supported by purity, elegance, and simplicity.

From a solid piece of material, created a simple and sophisticated double edge razor that translates our vision into a consistent and precise shave.

CNC Machined From A Solid 100% High-Grade Stainless Steel:

To ensure maximum performance and longevity, we machine all the pieces from solid material and machined with tolerances up to 0,02mm.

Classic 3 Pieces Design:

The Masamune series is in all aspects focused in simplicity and minimalism. It features the simple and classic 3 pieces assembly design that will never get old or compromise.

Unique Fitting System:

Specially designed for the Masume Razor and one of the exclusive specifications. It is responsible for: – High perpendicularity between handle and razor head which permits a better precision during the shaving: – Symmetrical load distribution on the threads preventing excessive wear and increasing resistance.

Blade Vibration-Damping Design T:

The wide contact area that supports the blade between the cap and base plate is one of the most important features of our razors. It guarantees that the blade does not vibrate during the shave. Therefore avoids blade chatter and assures the smoothest shave possible.

Combine Pieces:

Find Your Best Combination.

Exchanging parts between Masamune Razor and Masamune Nodachi Razor is 100% possible. You can, for instance, combine pieces and enjoy different blade exposures and gaps by checking the table below.

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