The Perfect Shave.

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The Perfect Shave


Not so very long ago ,a man might visit his barber once a week, as part of an important routine to look his neat and tidy best. And so as professionals we must strive to give the best service when it comes to shaving, as it is traditionally the first and last word of being a barber.


Step one: To begin with,we ensure our client is fully gowned up to prevent any spillage on his attire,and then he is reclined in the chair for the utmost comfort.


Step two: I gently warm my hands in water and massage a pre-shave scrub into the bearded area.This will remove any impurities and ingrown hair. I leave the scrub on the face while i apply the first hot towel.This will open the pores and soften the facial hair. Then we use the hot towel to remove all the scrub from the face.


Step three: Next, i will use an oil to put a slight barrier between the skin and the blade to prevent any razor drag and condition the skin, gently massaging the oil into the skin,while paying attention to any thicker/wiry parts of the beard. I apply a second hot towel to the face to enhance the effect of the oil and further soften the facial hair.


Step Four: While the client has the second hot towel on, i whip up shaving cream into a luxurius creamy lather. I recommend using a badger hair shaving brush. Badger hair is extremely porous and holds heat better than a synthetic brush, which means more heat and water gets to the client's face.This will really lift the stubble off the face,leaving it standing up ready to be cleanly shaved away.


Step Five: Using a freshly loaded open razor for shaving is a must. Let's face it, using a disponsable safety razor in a luxury wet shave could be seen as cheating! Using confident strokes to remove the facial hair,i will start to shave one side of the face from sideburn to jawline, always stretching the skin to prevent tugging on the face, slowly working around the chin and into the moustache area.


Step six: As i was trained in the traditional art of shaving, i will then use backhand razor strokes to shave the other side of the face, again shaving sideburn to jaw, until i come to the chin. Then finally the neck, using soft strokes ,very gently, allowing my razor to do the work for me. I always leave the troat till last, for a personal flourish to finish. It is, after all, called a cut-throat shave! I strongly advise always shaving with the direction of the hair growth-this will lead to a more comfortable shave.


Step Seven: To finish up a fantastically close shave, i recommend using another face wrap-this time with a cold towel-to close all the facial pores and to cool the face after it has been handled and shaved. The cold towel stage is especially helpfull for those clients who have sensitive skin, as any redness or irritation experienced after such a close shave can be calmed and shoothed as the client relaxes.


Step eight: To complete the shave i always apply a moisturiser to the skin. One small tip when applying moisturiser is to not rub it into the face as it can irritate the already stimulated face.Use your hands to gently pat the moisturiser onto the face and this will not only absorb and leave the skin hydrated, but also leave my clients' skin smooth,soft and silky to the touch.